Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon 

by romanoir

I’ve participated in several biannual Dewey readathons in the last few years and they’ve all been moderately successful. It’s a nice day for reading – it’s quite miserable for a spring day – and I can hear the ocean waves from outside my window. I’ll be starting in about half an hour as its early morning my time. Not sure if I’ll stop when it officially ends or carry on until the 24 hours is up (my time). I have a few things to do today but most of it will be spent reading (or thinking about reading). As everyone knows I’ve been struggling with pace in regards to reading lately so I won’t set any major goals. Today I want to read parts of: 

– Jane Eyre (at least a quarter of it – there’s no way I’ll finish the entire book today) 

– King Lear (at least two acts but I think I could finish it in a few hours)

– An Ancient Greek play 

– a Chekov short story or two 

Other than that I’ll see where today takes me. Time to settle down with a tea and Jane Eyre.