As a self proclaimed lover of the written word it’s remarkable how I’ve never had a blog to keep track of my reading habits and to write reviews of the books I’ve read. Well it’s better late than never I suppose!

I’m a twenty one year old Australian who has a chronic book buying problem and an out of control caffeine addiction. Nothing makes me calm like sitting on a rock and looking out to the ocean.

I’m a writer and a reader but I prefer the latter. I have always had a connection to Classic Literature and naturally drifted to reading works pre 1950. History is another passion of mine. There is nothing quite like learning about ancient cultures and the people that inhabited them. I like texts from across every genre of fiction but my personal favourites are Medieval, Gothic, Victorian and Russian Literature. My favourite eras of history are Ancient Greece/Rome/Persia and Europe during the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!